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Battles + The Field

Live at Columbia Theater | April 8

News - 7. December 2015

// UPDATE //

We are moving our show from Astra to Columbia Theatre. As we don’t have a curfew at the new venue we will be able to extend the concert to a party and add our special guest Philip Gorbachev to the bill. Tickets for Astra remain valid.


Battles love to experiment. In 2007, the New York-based band released its debut album, mirrored, a conglomerate of dissonances, countless changes in tempo, vocals changed out of recognition, and plenty of rock’n’roll madness. In June, Battles are about to release their second album, Gloss Drop. The carnivalesque “Ice Cream”, recorded with Matias Aguayo, was the first life sign of the album. Last year Brooklyn-based band Battles released their third record “La di Da di” which they played live at Berlin’s infamous Berghain. Tickets are available via Eventim.


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