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Tirzah the artist is an idea that’s hard to hold on to. The Essex-born performer has been at the centre of the vital post-grime and UK garage sound of London for the better half a decade but it’s only now that her work has come to full fruition. Tirzah’s ‘Colourgrade’ took about a year-and-a-half to write and record. If you know anything about the soulful South London performer that’s basically lightning speed, especially given her long-awaited album debut ‘Devotion’ took something like 12 years to produce. An immediate cult classic, the 2018 LP was dropped to critical acclaim five years since underground dance-pop hit “I’m Not Dancing” left Tirzah and Micachu (aka Mica Levi) fans wanting more. Following a smattering of small releases in the meantime, they were duly rewarded with the slow-burning longing of ‘Devotion’. It was the product of countless recording sessions in as many different locations, including Dan Carey’s Mr Punch, Kae Tempest’s studio, and miscellaneous share houses across the city throughout Tirzah’s 20s, while she was still working full-time in fashion. There was a fourth and final version of minimal groove “Go Now”—recorded when Tirzah and long-time friend and producer Levi (affectionately referred to as ‘Meeks’) were still in their teens. There were also music videos by the likes of Leah Walker and Akinola Davies Jr to accompany the dilapidated, bass-heavy compositions of sample loops and vocal cut ups of tracks like “Gladly” and title-track “Devotion”. Not surprisingly, they each feature an array of friends and collaborators from the vital post-grime and UK garage scene that Tirzah gingerly grew into and continues to work with to this day.