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With ALL THINGS GO, their third record, Mighty Oaks embark on a new chapter in their band history. After ten years, countless gigs, two albums and four EPs, everything is changing, and everything is still the same. How? Because it’s still Ian Hooper, Claudio Donzelli and Craig Saunders. It’s still their stories, their songs, and their friendship forming the very heart of Mighty Oaks. Three men who’ve grown up with the band since they first recorded a few songs in a living room in Berlin.
So what’s new then? “We got rid of all preconceptions and limitations. We felt like we couldn’t do that before“, Ian explains. “With the term ‘handmade folk music’ we’d given ourselves an invisible set of rules. And this time we felt like we were allowed to break those rules.“
The result? Still distinctly Mighty Oaks. But different. “We didn’t want to be stuck to our usual instruments“, Claudio says, and Ian adds: “…and not committed to a genre-specific sound. We tried things that made us feel uncomfortable – but we were open to adapting and changing.”
With all its different facets and its wide range of emotions and sounds, ALL THINGS GO is definitely the most diverse work of their career so far. “It’s the best thing we’ve done yet!”, Ian exclaims. Mighty Oaks broke free. From expectations, from requirements, from rules. Or to put it in their own words: “Why should we be satisfied with being labelled and put in a drawer if we can have the whole cabinet?”